Dog Tag Heroes, Inc. is a Tampa Bay Area-based veteran service organization, whose mission is to support veterans, as well as service men and women, as they transition from military to civilian life by aiding the veterans to shed their dependence on the military, allowing the vets to embrace their humanness through peer-to-peer mentoring,  community service, developing a holistic wellness program, and training thevets with real-world skills and computer competency so that they may obtain gainful employment or start training in another field. We also offer small cash gifts for exigent circumstances, long-term interest free loans, pet fostering for hospitalized veterans, and more.

Abby the dog is reunited with her daddy, Steve, who is going through a program at the Bay Pines VA center. He had not seen Abby for two months. Bob and Linda Dobbs are the foster parents for Abby.

Our business is veteran owned, and you can find us here on

Veteran Owned Business . com 

Dog Tag Heroes, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.

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